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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Welcoming a New Couch

OK, being excited about a new couch might sound silly, but this is a major milestone in our domestic bliss. We've had our IKEA sleeper couch for 21 years.

Think about the concept. Back when we purchased the couch, IKEA products weren't created with long-term use in mind, or at least the couch we purchased decided it wasn't built to last. One night the cover on lower left cushion split. The right one split. Then one corner began to wear until we discovered part of the couch was crafted using cardboard.

The habit of tossing a throw over the couch to hide the decay became a regular practice. Last year around the holidays we shook our heads in dismay and decided we needed something new, but the endless cycle of car repair bills and other odds and ends made the event seem impractical.

Last week we decided enough already. The couch shed foam like a molting bird.We decided to visit the local furniture store in our small city. Sticker shock set in. $1500 for a couch? Seriously? We wandered around, sighing and trading glances of despair. The salesman was quite nice and completely hands-off.

We went upstairs and discovered the wonderful world of floor samples. The salesman peeked in but let us run wild.

One couch at the room's back winked at us in minty green flirtation. Sleek lines, plump pillows, comfy as anything bliss welcomes our asses. The below $500 price tag really sealed the deal.

And now it sits in splendor. I'm hoping someone will be able to use our ancient couch, that is if they can endure the foamy mess.

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