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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Resting Murder Face

I forget where I read the term resting murder face, but the expression fits me well. I inherited the look from my father, who, although he was a Marine who saw active duty in the Korean War, was a gentle man. But if something pissed him off, yeah, he looked like a stone-cold killer.

More than once I’ve had people at work walk past me, pause, and claim, “You look like you’re contemplating using a knife or a gun.” I’m like “huh?” They claim I look ready to kill someone when there I sat wondering if I want to start my audit or straighten up the supply cabinet. 

Note: Jeremy Renner claims he has resting murder face—he has nothing on my death gaze. 

Tonight resting murder face made a return. After the much-needed rain that coated our region for the past few days, I stepped onto our small back porch to see how the plants had responded to the rain.

Where was the porch welcome mat? Oh look, the mat had landed on the lone brave caladium I had planted in the shade garden. Six chewed baby carrots littered the porch’s edge.

I felt resting murder face set in. Obviously some critter(s) had messed about on the porch. I bet they had grabbed the baby carrots from our messy neighbors who toss their garbage out in Target bags every night against the fence line. But why had the critters moved the welcome mat?

If the possums were involved, they had probably mated on it. I have seen such behavior before this time. Yuck.

I wish we could move away from this urban mess featuring sex-crazed possums, squeaky raccoons, manic squirrels, relentless groundhogs, and feral cats. Yeah, right.

Arrrrgh, there goes that damned skunk again! I am not glaring at that critter.  No way!