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S.A. Garcia's Mutterings, Whimpers and Rants. World Domination by 2020. Or 2025. Probably never.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Promo Satisfaction aka Go Away Mick

I have come to believe that tap dancing in many places does help sales. I do some promo, I see an upward spike. When I promote my book with Silver Publishing, I see the spike in my Dreamspinner books. Golly gee wilkers, do I have fans? Boy Howdy! Guide me to the fainting couch.

Guess it's time to teach myself to slam-bam dance like the cast of Riverdance. Case in point: poor ignored To Save a Shining Soul rose from 400,000 to 45,000 in the Amazon ranks. Yeah, that might be one or two sales, but I believe miracles can happen.

Like I say, world domination by 2020. It's good to have goals. *winks*

The Laughing S.A.

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