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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Promo Redux

Let me clarify. It's not that I don't like promo. It's more that I type like a backwards gerbil, which makes promo all the more painful.

I am one of the world's worst typists. On a good day every sixth word looks like mangled Greek. On a bad day it's every third word. The fingers refuse to keep up with the mind. 

Imagine how frustrating that is as a writer. As much as I try to correct as I plow along, my first drafts always look like a verbal battlefield. They look like something directed by a rabid raccoon on a magic mushroom bender.

I have tried the Dragon speaking software but I don't talk out my books. Although I should try that for this sort of thing. Then I'd only need to edit out the cursing.

Don't get me wrong, I want to perform promo for my books because I love my books. I want my books to succeed, not drop like Jimmy Hoffa into the river's black depths. I just wish there was an easier way.

Yep, I need to explore the speaking thing again. *scampers off to investigate software*

....Hello? Amando here. You need to love me. Really....

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