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Monday, November 14, 2011

No Heroes Here

Oh dear. What have I done in my fantasy worlds? 

I realize I'm not creating heroes. I'm not crafting characters that are good or bad. I'm not writing about alpha males. 

I can't. If I did, I'd write lies because my characters don't speak to me in black and white. They use a pallet shaded across the gray zone, well, tinted with plenty of purple, but never cut and dried or good and evil. My first novella Canes and Scales swerved the closest to the "good and evil" story and, really, closest to having an alpha male in Prince Linden.
My one hero kills in order to exist. Another slides to the dark side in order to exist. He's fucking unhappy about his place in the world but he endures. Another is a demon in Hell.

Yeah, hmm, I do need to write a contemporary tale where the whole "good and evil" notion fades away.  Pffffth, I bet I'll twist something the wrong way.

 So it goes.

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