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Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Mojo Has Returned from Vacation

Remember those Andy Roddick commercials a few years back where they kept talking about him losing his mojo then he lost in the first round of the US Open tennis series? Talk about ouch!

I feel a little like poor Andy. Last month my mojo wandered off a long, secret vacation and forgot to tell me. I was writing but only in fits and starts. The only project that moved along in true coherency was a free story I owed to a contest winner.

This weekend saw a return to tapping away in my nasty old manner. Solid chunks of time flowed past without me wandering off the path. I moved chapters from one spot to another. I saw serious plot problems. I'm sure I created other problems but the forward motion relieves me. 

Anyone know how to capture my current mindset and save it for when my mojo skips off to Bermuda again?


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