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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Word Smexy

What is this word? I just noticed it popping up here and there. Smexy. Why? The word sounds like something needing to be scraped off your arm. "Yuck, you've got smexy on your arm!"

The urban dictionary defines it as "a cuter way to say sexy." Cuter? I think not. Try grosser. This word ranks with carcass as a word that makes me cringe.

When I first saw this word on a m/m site, I thought "OK, weird, perhaps it's a way of indicating m/m sexiness." Then I saw it elsewhere which tosses my theory into the mud.

Something tells me the same person who coined the stupid phrase "head-hopping" created "smexy." I'd like to find that person and treat him/her to a candle light dinner featuring me in a foul mood.

Nothing smexy there.

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