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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Can't Please Everyone

The Dreamspinner group has been buzzing over reviews. Face it, authors love to wonder why a person made certain declarations about a story, especially if others were generally pleased with the writing, characters and other things near and dear to the word geeks.

I'm no different. I look around, read comments and restrain from replying. When I first read something that stings, I grumble, write a reply, delete said reply and say what the hell, some like chocolate, others like mint. I need to find the folks who savor mint chocolate mint.

Trouble is this last review I read made my fingers twitch. Granted it's early morning, I am tired and should be sleeping. But there you go, that's what I receive for peeking before I place my head on the pillow.

But when someone disparages my characters, I go into tiger mode. Yeah, that's what has my tail twitching.

Again, so what. 

Logical mind will keep whispering those words in my ear as I sleep.

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