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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Teaser from My Hot July Days Story

There's a wild antology building over at the Goodread's M/M Group. Stories will be released in July. I think there's around 104 stories.
Here's a little teaser from my story, "Bound to Be Suited."
 “Badminton. I love badminton. The whole shuttle cock thing is sexy. Just like plumbing. Imagine a toilet having a ball cock. Amazing.” The beginning to tingle in hot flaming lust Greg held up a rolled net and metal poles. A roll of white line sat coiled under the net. “Security. Yeah, I desire security.” He looked up and grinned in manic glee. “Play along with me?”
The close to flying into the sky Sebastian cocked his head in confusion. “Play what?”
“Sure, dude! Tell me what to do.” At that moment in time if Greg told Sebastian he wanted to fuck in the middle of the Cross-Bronx Freeway, Sebastian would call Roland back to drive them there. Given their out of control desire they’d probably spew sperm all over the limo’s backseat and pass out before they arrived at the said dangerous destination. If they hesitated, poor Roland would be fighting off robbers for the hubcaps. Better they remain here and fuck in safety.
“Look, close your eyes and lean against those raincoats.”
“Yes, sir.” Sebastian saluted Greg and sank into the supportive mass. Visions of hot lava, hissing eruptions, and violent mating scenes from nature shows tripped across his mental screen. Fur flew. Blood splashed. Growls and snarls echoed in his ears. Did those shows ever display male tigers seeking sexual bliss? Come on, fucking like tigers was a common phrase, right, or was the…
Wait, those nature programs always showed a lion attacking and eating an antelope or some other cute animal. Why not talk first? Maybe sex solved all problems. Sex solved so many problems. If the UN fucked instead of rambling on, poof, there, problems solved.

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