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Monday, September 5, 2016

Hail Labor Day

I see Google has changed their logo to praise laborers. That's wonderful.

The thing is I don’t see any writers or artists in the celebratory logo. Do we not labor? Do we not stress our minds?

We do, on a constant basis. Physical laborers leave their job and return home. They complete their task. Of course they might go home and work around the house or work on the side.

The thing is just because a writer isn’t tapping away at their keyboard doesn’t mean they aren’t laboring. Our minds are like hamster wheels, always thinking, seeing, seeking the next twist and turn. A writer’s mind never shuts down. I’m sure I’m like others who write themselves to sleep, working on a block in a story until it breaks apart.

Writers labor. Oh do they, to the point of depression, pain, and sadness—and madness.

On Labor Day, never discount artists and writers. We might not lift heavy physical loads, but damn, we lift heavy mental loads.

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