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Sunday, August 21, 2016

It's All About Life

Why haven’t I blogged in two years? It’s not like I have nothing to say… I’m always spouting off about something. But somehow a weird blockage happened regarding my blog. The problem is I fuss too hard over blog posts, regarding them as little essays that must be perfect. Part of the problem is I am a lousy typist—typos abound—and I always fret over the word arrangement.

That’s stupid, eh? I want to correct my blog transgressions. Let’s see if I can blog for a solid month. There’s plenty to talk about—tragic flooding in Louisiana, fires in California, illegal shootings, a certain horrific presidential candidate (the one with the little hands and nasty hair), music, art, life…like tonight Prof Sandy and I were honored with a visit from our friend Gail Demi.

Why wait for an event? Talk about life. Without it, we’d be dead. Okay, that silly statement deserves a glass of wine.

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