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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Trying not to Rewrite Marathon Man Dental Scenes

I’ve long needed serious dental work over the past years. Yeah, years ago a temporary cap fell off and I never went back, just put up with the pit in my back right wisdom tooth. Two years ago my lower left wisdom tooth exploded on the opposite side. I bravely held off until ta-da I took a real job again featuring dental insurance. Trust me, writing novels is NOT good for the teeth.

During the past three weeks, I suffered through rebuilds on two wisdom teeth in order to put crowns in place. We’re talking those tedious hour long drilling sessions… followed by sitting for long minutes waiting for the implant goop to set. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Instead of panicking, I tried to write while I lay there helpless to the drill. Aside from writing a scene referencing the movie Marathon Man where Dustin Hoffman is tortured by Laurence Olivier via dental drills, I could not focus.

I tried. I think the damned drilling noise destroyed my concentration. It’s hard to think about anything but that damned drill when it’s at a high pitched whine or—and I find worse— the low-pitched burr. Arrrrgh!

Now as the massive anesthesia doses wear off, the temp side hurts and the new crown hurts. But hey, as least I finally gave my teeth proper attention.

Just wait, I’ll start grinding at the new cap while I try to write a scene as I fall into sleep tonight.

I know none of my new novels will feature a dentist. Sorry, I can’t think of a dentist as sexy. Then again, it might be great aversion therapy to write about…no. I can’t.


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