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Friday, October 4, 2013

Ramblings of a Reluctant Blogger

I had all these vague ideas for blog posts and now that I need them, they’ve whiffed away. Friday nights can have that effect on my brain. Mainly what I want to do is grab a glass of wine, order a pizza, and sit and watch a silly movie with Prof Sandy. This whole grand scheme of writing on my blog every day between my two new releases is off to a grand start. I’ve posted a grand total of, erm, two. How’s that for consistency?

I mean what the hell, I don’t want to write a blog post tonight. I know some people spin out blog posts in an effortless manner. I tent to regard them as little essays. I take ‘em waaaay too seriously. Why? It’s not like judges will hold up scores or a reader will snark, “That’s the worst damn blog post I’ve ever read.”

Well, they might do that, but… hold on, yeah, they could very well do that. There, you see, in kicked the obsessive personality again, the personality I tend to instill in a few of my characters.

My characters don’t tend to blog. Wait, Hindy Nardella—the diva art gallery owner from my upcoming romdramedy The Gospel According to Cher—does blog about art and restaurants.

Does writing a Goodreads review count as a blog post? I can spin out a review far faster than I can craft a blog post.

Well, ya big silly, you could write book reviews for your blog. No one’s stopping you.

Wait, who said that? I think my common sense just took a potshot at me. How rude.

And lookee there… by rambling on like a drooling goofball, I just wrote a blog post. Ain’t life grand?

It’s time for a glass of wine to celebrate my achievement.

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