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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All or Nothing A Free Read from Silver Shorts

 Hey, kittens, the 8th edition of Silver Shorts is out now for FREE at Silver Publishing. Here's my contribution to the fine collection. Click on the Silver Shorts icon to score your free copy containing stories by Diane Adams, Freddy MacKay, Julie Lynn Hayes, Karyn Gerrard, L.M. Brown, Lily Sawyer, Nicole Dennis and T. L. K. Arkenberg.


All or Nothing

S.A. Garcia

Scott lit the twenty-fifth white candle. He glanced around his snug studio apartment and bit his lower lip. After adoring his handsome boss for months, tonight Scott planned to reveal his emotion to Thomas.
If Scott's lunacy caused unemployment, so be it. Hell, Scott needed to tell manly Thomas the truth, or quit his job.
The architectural photographer checked the Pinot Grigio again. There, chilled to perfection. Scott hoped Thomas appreciated the Italian vintage; at $95.79 a bottle, the wine should pour itself into the stemware. He prayed he wouldn't drink the wine alone.
He needed a last glance at his romantic speech. Scott plucked the post-it note from under the living room table and tried conquering his nervous squeak. "Thomas, when I gaze into your eyes, I lose myself. I fall into your confident gaze like a feather falls onto a tranquil river. I cannot believe how good falling in love with you feels. I sense our river of love will support us and take us places I've never explored. I love you."
Fuck, the words sounded like a simpering greeting card. Too bad, he spoke the truth.
The buzzer's harsh tone blared. Scott nearly pissed himself. His poor heart thudded so hard he feared for his skin. Splat, thud! Why had he picked such a humid night for this seduction? Liters of sweat erupted under his armpits.
He inhaled a centering breath. Scott buzzed Thomas up. His knees stuttered in terror. Stop!
An authoritative knock attacked the front door. Scott whimpered and hugged himself for luck. He opened the door and tried smiling at Thomas.
Ga-goo-omigod-help! Scott's speech scampered under the futon. The drool-worthy Thomas wore a red silk muscle shirt. Dark brown arms shone in the candle glow. Snug black jeans displayed Thomas's big, bold bossman's basket to the world.
Their gazes crashed and burned. Thomas arched one thick eyebrow in playful confusion.
Fuck it. Scott lunged forward. He shut the front door, pulled Thomas close and kissed his sexy boss's lips in aching, desirous desperation. He licked down his cheek until he bit the protruding Adam's apple.
He stepped back. "Shirt. Off."
Instead of protesting, Thomas raised his arms and let Scott yank off the shirt. Mmm, the dark, muscular torso demanded worship. As he slid to his knees, Scott nipped, nuzzled and savored Thomas's enchanting smell. His world eclipsed down to Thomas's reacting cock. Scott's teeth pulled down the zipper. A thick cock filled his bliss-struck mouth. When Thomas moaned in surprised pleasure, Scott sucked until he almost dislocated his jaw.
Hoarse laughter sounded above his head. "Are you asking me for a raise?"
Scott laughed against Thomas's stiff cock and glanced up. "Can I have this big bonus first?"
Fingers ruffled Scott's fair hair. His smiling boss licked his lips and winked. "Only if I can return the favor, sugah."
The smitten Scott decided his silly speech could wait until Valentine's Day.

The End

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