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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Eyes Don't Have It

Amazing. It's simply amazing. 

Why do established writers still insist on "eyes" performing odd physical acts?

"His eyes rolled across her face."

EEEyyyuc, no they did not!

"Her eyes fell to the floor"


Really, play this game while reading. Not sure if it's a drinking game since I suspect most people don't drink while reading, but seriously, keep an "eye" out for the hilarious possibilities.

"His eyes met Mark's." Guess they "boinged" out on their stalks. Splat.

I feel sure I have slipped, but ever since this problem was pointed out to me, I aim to eradicate eyes performing unnatural feats. Hell, come on, you gotta get something right in your writing, correct? No roaming eyeballs!

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