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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Great review of Canes and Scales from Night Owl Reviews. I feel properly celebrated.

Score: 5.00 / 5 - Reviewer Top Pick

 Canes and Scales is the first book I’ve read by S.A. Garcia and it definitely will not be the last! I was amazed by the creative, sexy and edge of my seat storyline and I absolutely adored the two heroes, Prince Linden and the elven slave, Alasdaire. I was immediately swept up into the unique world that Ms. Garcia created and I could not put the book down until I read the very last word.

Prince Linden of Ardaul has spent most of his adult life off fighting wars and battles to right many a wrong that his mentally disturbed brother the King, has gotten his kingdom into. Prince Linden longs for a time where there will be peace and hopes that someday he’ll be able to take of the throne and his kingdom will be able to live in harmony and happiness until the end of his days. But, until then, Linden will continue to do what he can to keep his kingdom safe and sound. War-weary and exhausted, Linden is invited to stay at his cousins estate to rest and recuperate. Once he arrives at his cousin’s estate, he is greeted by a beautiful half elf/half human slave named Alasdaire, who is not only a spitfire and intelligent, his inner sweetness and honesty calls out to the lonely Prince.

As the Prince and his Eleven slave become friends and lovers, they slowly start to fall in love. But, hidden secrets and a plot to kill the Prince pull them apart. Will the lovers’ deep and abiding love they have for one another be strong enough to survive their trials so they can obtain their own chance of having their happily ever after?

I LOVED THIS BOOK! Both Linden and Alasdaire were well written and wonderful characters. Canes and Scales is written in first person, but each chapter switches off to both of their points of view. This allowed this reader to really become involved into both of their lives and enabled them to breathe life into their story and straight into my heart. Canes and Scales is one of those books that lived with me long after I finished it. Now it has its own place on my keeper shelf where I can enjoy reading about them for many years to come. I loved the unique plot and the passion that Linden and Alasdaire had for one another. The love scenes were beautifully written and hot enough for me to make sure the air conditioner was turned on.

S.A. Garcia is definitely an author that I’ve become excited about. I’m looking forward to reading more books written by her and has become someone who is now on my ‘must buy’ list.  If you are looking for a beautiful love story between two amazingly sexy and wonderful heroes, Canes and Scales is definitely the book for you!

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